12 Online Dating Red Flags to Watch Out For

12 Online Dating Red Flags to Watch Out For

Online datingred flags

Online dating is a wonderful opportunity to meet someone amazing to share your life with. With the development of matchmaking technology and more great singles signing up every year, you’re more likely than ever to meet your soulmate online. However, the world of dating apps and websites leaves you open to people who may not have your best interests at heart. Modern day dating comes with modern day red flags to watch out for!

1. They Like You… Too Much

Of course, it feels amazing when someone is interested in you, especially if you’re interested in them too. However, watch out if they’re too enthusiastic too soon. If you’ve exchanged a few messages and they’re already planning a wedding, perhaps give this person a miss.

2. A Lack Of Description In Their Profile

If their profile is missing out on important information (like their job, education, interests) then they should be avoided. When looking for a committed relationship, keep in mind that somebody searching for the same thing will be transparent, open and honest. Don’t expect someone to tell you their life story right away. But, if they are being too vague, it’s likely they have something to hide.

3. Photos That Look Too Good To Be True

photo red flag

The term ‘catfish’ is used for people who steal photos and pretend to be somebody else online. If somebody’s profile photo is a perfectly airbrushed model shot, this may well be someone using a photo they’ve taken from the web. And okay, maybe the person claims they actually are a model. If they are, they should have some ‘normal’ photos alongside professional model shots.

4. Not Enough Photos

As well as having photos that are too good to be true, watch out if a profile only has one or two photos. This is another indicator of a fake profile. A good profile will have a range of photographs, both of the person alone and with friends. You can use reverse image search to find out if photos have been taken from somewhere on the internet.

5. Generic Opening Lines

Generic, cliché conversation starters could mean that this person is just copy-pasting the same message to you and many others. Avoid replying to generic conversation starters like ‘hey sexy’ or a plain old ‘hi what are you up too?’, and instead, look out for those who have read your profile and have sent you a personalised message.

6. Something Is Off About Their Social Media Profiles

social media red flag

If you’ve been chatting to someone for a while, check out their social media profiles. If their Instagram account has very few followers or all the posts were uploaded recently or at once, the profile is likely to be fake. The same goes if they have very few Facebook friends. Their social media profiles should line up with who they say they are and have activity from friends and family.

7. They Send 15 Texts In A Row When You Don’t Respond Right Away

This is a huge red flag that becoming involved with this person will lead to some serious problems for you. If someone shows signs of being obsessive or controlling early on, it’s only going to get worse. Online dating should be fun, and nobody worthwhile will feel entitled to your attention 24/7, especially in the earliest stages.

8. They Make Every Text Into A Sext

A little flirty, sexy chat can be fun. And of course, want to have that physical attraction to each other. But if they send you a ‘what are you wearing 😉’ when you’re talking about taking your dog to the vet… you might want to give this one a miss if you’re looking for something serious. Unless, of course, you’re only looking for a hook-up.

9. They Flake Out On Plans Last-minute

date stood up

When we’re first getting to know someone, we’re on our best behaviour. Your ideal match will make you a priority. If they can’t commit to your coffee date, don’t expect them to commit to you.

10. They Never Want To Meet In Person

If you’re talking to somebody and they’re avoiding making plans to meet in person after more than a few weeks, waste no more of your time. They could be lying about who they are or just not interested. After all, you’re not online dating to find a pen pal!

11. They Never Want To Meet Anywhere Near Their Place

This suggests that they could be hiding you, or want to hide something from you. The same goes if they’re very vague about what area they live in or what they do for work.

12. They Only Want To Meet At Their Place

date at home

At the other end of the spectrum are people that only want to meet at their place. A cosy night in can be great, but a relationship can’t exist within the four walls of someone’s home. You might have to admit to yourself that they’re only after one thing… Remember, it’s dangerous to go to the home of someone who you haven’t met before. If you’re meeting for the first time, choose somewhere public like a café or bar.

It’s important to keep your wits about you and remember that online, people can hide behind their screens and claim to be anyone. Some of these red flags are glaringly obvious, but some are harder to spot. If you’re planning to meet with someone in person, tell a loved one exactly when and where you’re planning to meet them. And, if you like someone you’re talking to online, show their profile to a friend or family member and ask them what they think.

15 Amazing Winter Date Ideas

15 Amazing Winter Date Ideas

Winter Date Ideas

During winter, all we want to do is hibernate at home. With the nights getting longer and the days getting colder, it’s easy to go for a date night watching Netflix on the sofa.

But with a little creativity, winter can be one of the most romantic and exciting times of the year. Whether it’s a first date or time spent with your long-term partner, make it extra romantic this winter with one of our 15 Amazing Winter Date Ideas.

1. Go To A Book Shop

Book shops, especially independent ones, are cosy little hideaways on a cold day. Wander through the isles with your date, flicking through travel guides, photography books, or the children’s books you remember from your childhoods. To make it extra special, set yourselves the challenge of buying a book for each other to read later on.

2. Play A Game

A fun idea for a date night at home is to play a game together. It could be a board game, card game, or something designed specifically for couples. Whatever you choose, you are sure to have hours of fun. To spice things up, make it a little more competitive by promising a prize to the winner!

3. Go To See A Live Performance

Winter is a great time for indoor live performances, and there’s something for everyone. There’s something so exciting about a live performance. It could be a Christmas Pantomime, Ballet show, or stand-up comedy at a comedy club.

4. A winter walk followed by mulled wine (or cider!) at the pub

Winter Walk

Wrap up warm for a walk in nature. A quick google search will show you what beautiful walks are in your area. A long walk is the perfect setting for a long conversation, with scenery that will add the romance. If you are in the city, no worries, a park will do just fine. Then, when your fingers are chilly and your legs are tired, warm up with a warm alcoholic drink at a pub. (Bonus points if there’s an open fire!)

5. Make A Scrapbook Together

This one is for the committed couples out there. Spending a night making a scrapbook with your partner is certain to make you fall in love all over again. Get yourselves an empty scrapbook, some glue, print some out all your photographs, and reminisce over a glass of wine. Not only will this be a wonderful date, but you’ll also create something to treasure for years to come.

6. Head to a Christmas market

There’s nothing more festive than a traditional Christmas market. With a range of gift shops, food stalls, and hot drinks to take away, you’ll have a blast winding through them hand in hand with your date. Meanwhile, the glow of Christmas lights will have you feeling like you’re a character in a romance movie.

7. Go ice-skating

Ice Skating Date

If you’re a seasoned pro or like Bambi on ice, ice-skating is always a fun date. This active date idea will make for picture-perfect winter memories with your partner. Plus, flailing about on the ice will give you the perfect excuse to hold on tight to each other!

8. Paint Together

You don’t have to be an excellent artist for this. Get a couple of canvases and some paints and have an arty date! There are free painting tutorials online that you can follow, or have a laugh by painting each other! If you’re a good artist, you’ll end up with pieces to hang up side by side at home. And if you’re bad, you’ll certainly have a giggle!

9. Go to the cinema

It’s a cliche, but it’s a classic! The cinema is cosy and warm on a cold winter night. Make it festive on the run-up to Christmas by going to see a Christmas movie. Make your date feel extra special by surprising them with a selection of their favourite cinema snacks.

10. DIY Couples Photoshoot

Couple Photoshoot

Pick out your favourite outfits and spend the date doing a couples photoshoot. You could make a little set up at home, or find a picturesque outdoor location. Use the timer on your camera or phone, or take videos that you can take shots from afterward.

11. Plan a Staycation Getaway

You don’t need hot weather to take a vacation. On Airbnb, you can find amazing stays around your location – from cottages to beaches, shepherds huts, and treehouses. Or, check out sites like wowcher that offer hotel stays for drastically discounted prices. A night or two away is guaranteed to be magical, even if you’re less than an hour from home!

12. Cook Something New

Create a restaurant at home by cooking something together. Finding a recipe, gathering all the ingredients, and cooking together is an adorable way to spend some quality time. You could put in some extra effort by setting up some candles on the dining table – or, make it extra cute by dressing up for the occasion!

13. Take a class together

Couple Class date

Doing something brand new to both of you is a guaranteed way to bond with your date. You could learn anything from cooking to dance. If we’re in a long term relationship, dates can get a bit repetitive. Learning something new will spice things and have you feeling as if you just met.

14. A museum or gallery

If you live in a city, you’re likely to have a few museums or galleries at your doorstep. This is a great idea for a first or second date because the exhibits are sure to spark conversation between you.

15. Go Out For Breakfast

When we think ‘date’, we think ‘dinner’. Mix things up with a breakfast date. In almost every town or city, there’s cafes offering delicious breakfasts, from cooked English breakfasts to pancake stacks. Breakfast dates are great for those who like to keep it casual because they don’t require dressing up in a glamourous outfit.

12 Online Dating Profile Tips That Really Work

12 Online Dating Profile Tips That Really Work

Online dating profile tips

Gone are the days of hoping fate will bring you and your soulmate together at a bar or through a friend of a friend. Instead, online dating allows us to have access to hundreds of potential matches. One in three couples find love online – so by signing up to an online dating site, you’re in with a great chance of finding someone perfect.

There are millions of people actively online dating every day. Many of the sites even use algorithms to connect you with singles you’re likely to be compatible with. But don’t let that fool you into assuming that finding someone will be effortless

Step number one is to craft an eye-catching profile. Writing about yourself might feel awkward at first, and it’s natural to want to avoid bragging or sounding conceited. But the love of your life could be looking at hundreds of profiles per week, so it’s important to make yourself stand out. In the online dating world, your profile is your first impression. And everyone knows first impressions count. Use our 12 tips to make your profile the best it can be:

1. Think Of Your Profile Like A CV

Just like your CV, your online dating profile is all about selling yourself. The techniques that have helped you find a job in the past might just help you find someone to love! Just like your CV, your dating profile must be clear, concise, and honest, all while putting across the best version of you. Your professional experience, voluntary work, education, and core values are all things that your future partner will want to know.

If being someone’s partner was a job – what makes you the most qualified for the role? Remember, your online dating profile is all about showcasing what you have to offer!

2. Be Clear About What You’re Looking For

Are you looking for a life-time partner or to have a bit of fun and meet new people? Do you want to get married and have children someday? Or have you decided that that’s not for you? Is it vital to you that a potential partner shares your religious or political views?

These core things are important to have in mind before you start online dating, and you might want to mention them in your profile. This will filter out people who aren’t on the same page and prevent you from wasting time getting to know somebody who isn’t the right fit.

3. Don’t Fill Your Profile With A List Of Requirements

Online dating profile tips

Even though we just told you to be clear on what you want from a potential partner, that doesn’t mean filling your profile with a list of specific requirements. Yes, you might be certain you want a 5’9 Italian airline pilot with blue eyes who loves skiing – but you could put off someone amazing if they read your requirements and don’t meet them.

You haven’t met your perfect partner yet – so you don’t know for sure exactly who they will be! Instead, keep open-minded and focus on finding someone you click with, not someone you’ve dreamed up.

4. Look At Other Profiles For Inspiration

Look at other people’s profiles and make a note of what works and what doesn’t. When you come across a profile that sparks your interest, note what aspects of that profile attracted you. If it’s their profile photo that caught your eye – what about it was so outstanding?

It’s just as useful to get inspiration from what doesn’t work in other people’s profiles. Does something someone’s written make them come across and conceited or unkind? Has someone added an awkward comment that renders them a definite no-go? Learn from their mistakes when crafting your profile.

5. Be Honest

It may feel innocent to tell a white lie to secure a date, but it’s vitally important to be honest on your profile. If things go as you hope and you find your ideal partner, you don’t want to have to have an awkward conversation later on when you’re forced to admit the truth. Healthy and happy relationships are built on trust, so starting yours off with dishonesty is a recipe for disaster.

This goes for your photos too. Use recent photos – you might have looked amazing on holiday 15 years ago, but your photos should be an accurate representation of what you look like now.

Your goal is to find someone who likes you for you, and the only way to achieve this is to be authentic.

6. Be Specific And Avoid Clichés

It’s common to see statements like ‘I’m adventurous’ or ‘I’m a people person’ on dating profiles, but these won’t mean much to the person viewing your profile. Anyone can say that they’re ‘fun-loving’ (who doesn’t love fun?!) but cliches are boring and won’t help them get a picture of who you are.

Instead, be more specific and give examples to showcase your characteristics. Instead of saying ‘I’m outdoorsy’ tell them you’re outdoorsy by saying something like ‘I go rock climbing at the weekends and love to go hiking in the woods with my dog….’

7. Make It Easy For People To Start A Conversation With You

Online dating profile tips

Striking up a conversation online can be difficult, so make it easy for someone to find something to start with! Including specific interests in your profile to give your potential date something to kick off the conversation with and help you avoid awkward small talk.

A great method is to add a question to your profile and invite people to answer it in your private messages. If travel is something you want to have in common with your significant other, you could put ‘tell me about your dream travel destination.’ Or if music is your thing, invite them to tell you about the best gig they’ve been to.

8. Check Your Spelling And Grammar

It’s not just what you write, it’s how you write it. A study of online daters showed that bad spelling and grammar on your dating profile can really affect how you’re perceived. Spelling mistakes can come across as sloppiness, and your innocent grammatical errors could suggest that you’re uneducated.

Having a well-written profile tells potential dates that you’ve taken some time to write it thoughtfully, and that you’re taking online dating seriously. If you’re unconfident in this area, there are plenty of free apps to help you proofread. Or ask a savvy friend to give it the once over.

9. Avoid Using Group Photos

Skipping through somebody’s group photos trying to figure out which one they are is annoying, time-consuming and something that many people won’t bother with. Group photos don’t showcase you and a person with too many can come across as unconfident.

And, if you have too many photos with the same group, you could get talking to someone who thinks they’re talking to your best friend! Remember – creating a good online dating profile is all about clarity.

10. Stay Positive & Enthusiastic About Dating

It’s important not to be a downer. Saying things like ‘ I don’t think I’m going to meet anyone on here but will give it a go anyway’ or ‘things never usually work out and I’m chronically unlucky in love’ won’t earn you any sympathy. Instead, a negative attitude will scare people off and make them think you’re hard work. If you write about how dating never works out for you – your potential dates may jump to the conclusion that you must be the problem.

Avoid any reference to your past failed relationships. Talking about your ex is an age-old dating tip and for good reason. It suggests that you’re not over it and aren’t ready for something new.

11. Choose Your Profile Photos Carefully

Profile photos

Choosing good photos is one of the most important parts of your profile and plays a key role in making your profile stand out. It might seem easier to take out your camera phone and snap a quick selfie, but that would be the waste of a great opportunity to show potential dates your best self! You want your photos to be well-lit and flattering while being accurate to what you look like (so no editing or heavy filters!)

Photos are also a great way to show off your personality. If you’re an animal lover, snap a cute photo of you with your dog. Into watersports? Show them how fun and adventurous you are with a photo of you smiling in a wetsuit.

12. Ask A Friend To Double Check Your Profile

Once you’ve used all our tips to put together your best profile, ask a friend to check it for you. Ask them if they can spot any obvious mistakes or if you’ve missed any important information. But more importantly, they can tell you if you’re putting across a true and honest version of yourself.

Our Time Review 2021



  • Singles Events
  • Daily Matches
  • Free features
  • Advanced options to search profiles

Help & Support

  • FAQ
  • Email Support
  • Chat Bot

Our Time Review 2020



Is Our Time a reliable dating site?

Our Time is a website focusing exclusively on dating for people over 50 years old. It’s easy to use and very safe; the site verifies each user profile and photos to make sure you’re dating safely. You can also blacklist contacts you don’t want to hear from. Our Time is a really good place to start if you’d like to create new friendly or romantic relationships. Indeed, as an Our Time member you’ll be able to join singles events such as cooking or quizzes nights and meet people without the added pressure of going on a date. Once registered on the site, Our Time virtual coach is here to answer your questions and guide you through the online dating process. It is definitely a site we recommend to people over 50.

Memberships & pricing

You can register on Our Time for free. It’s a good way to understand how the website works before signing up for a paid membership. The following features are available for free:

  • Create a profile
  • ‘Like’ your favourite profiles
  • Personalise your searches
  • Receive emails
  • Send limited messages

If you want to enjoy more features on Our Time, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid membership. You’ll probably want to subscribe as it’s frustrating not to be able to converse with someone you’d like to meet. There are three packages available: 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. Once you have selected your subscription period, you can add one or more upgrades. The Connect upgrade lets non-subscribed members read your messages and write to you. The Select upgrade lets you activate the Contact Filter and also see if and when your messages have been read. With a paid membership, you’ll be able to send and receive unlimited emails, view other people profiles photos and also get email notifications. You can pay by credit card or Paypal. If you want to unsubscribe, it’s important to know that auto-billing is automatic on Our Time and will renew your membership for the same length of time. You’ll need to cancel from your profile in settings/manage subscription or by emailing customer support. Don’t forget to do it ahead of the end of your subscription. Our Time memberships are cheaper than their competitor Silver Singles.

Signing Up

You can sign up to Our Time quite easily with your email address. Don’t worry about being comfortable with a laptop, the website is relatively easy to use and no one will need to help you to complete your profile. Firstly, you’ll need to select which gender you’re interested in, and then fill in your username, password, birth date, email address and profile photo. You’ll also need to write a description about yourself on your profile.
Our Time will then ask you three questions to help match you with other singles:
What’s your favorite kind of date?
Which do you prefer? Morning or night?
Which do you prefer? Sweet or savory?
Once this complete, you’ll have the option to buy a paid membership, or continue for free. You can then start looking at other people profiles!

Site Safety

Our Time strongly focuses on safety. All profiles are manually verified by Our Time’s moderation team upon completion, and inappropriate profiles are deleted. You also have full control over your contacts on the website.
There is a ‘Blacklist’ function allowing you to block an annoying member from contacting you. The ‘unavailable mode’ allows you to search other profiles without being detected. It means that no one can see you’re online which will prevent people to try and contact you, so you can look at profiles in peace. However you need to pay extra money for this function.
There is also a ‘Contact Filter’ which allows you to choose who can contact you by selecting which criteria matter to you (with a photo, age, etc.).

Contacting Other Members

The site has some fun functionalities such as ‘who do you like’, allowing you to swipe photos of other potential matches on your screen and decide whether you like them or not. The site keeps track of everything you do, to help you remember which profiles you liked or didn’t liked, and who you discussed with. In addition, Our Time will notify you when other users visit your profile and let you know who they are.

Our Time displays advanced profile search filters, which can help you select profiles you’re more likely to match with. You can for instance filter profiles by age, location, zip code, religion, marital status, zodiac sign, height, ethnicity and gender.

Customer Support

Our Time is only available through email support which can be annoying if you have an urgent matter or a technical problem. You’ll have to fill their online form available here. They usually respond within 48h.

The Bottom Line

Our Time is a safe, reliable dating site, that you’ll certainly enjoy if you’re over 50 years old. We love the advanced search feature and all the options the site offers to interact with other members. However these options can be slightly overwhelming at first if you’re not familiar with this kind of features. Our tip, take your time to complete your profile and familiarise with the website before starting contacting anyone. Start by looking at the advanced search feature and look at other profiles. The cons, Our Time ask members to pay extra for additional features such as the ‘unavailable mode’. However these features are interesting and worth paying for. Also try to attend the singles events that are great to make new connections.


Match.com Review 2021



  • Singles Events
  • Daily Matches
  • Free features
  • Option to browse profiles

Help & Support

  • FAQ
  • Email Support
  • Chat Bot

Match.com Review 2020



Is Match.com a reliable dating site?

Match.com focuses on creating new friendly or romantic relationships. The website is around since 1995 and has a really big pool of active users. You can certainly meet new people on Match and perhaps create real, compatible relationships. However it seems like Match.com algorithm isn’t always very accurate and doesn’t always send people that are compatible. Unlike other dating sites, Match.com let you browse other singles profile which you may prefer to receiving daily matches.

Memberships & pricing

You can register on Match.com for free. It’s a good way to understand how the website works before signing up for a paid membership. The following features are available for free:

  • Create a profile
  • Upload photos
  • Send and receive Winks
  • Receive emails
  • Send limited messages to your ‘top picks’ (most compatible profiles)

If you want to enjoy more features on Match.com, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid membership. You’ll probably want to subscribe as it’s frustrating not to be able to converse with someone you’d like to meet. With a paid membership, you’ll be able to send and receive unlimited emails, view other people profiles photos and also get email notifications. You can pay by credit card or paypal. It’s important to know that auto-billing is automatic on Match.com and will renew your membership for the same length of time. You’ll need to cancel from your profile in settings/manage subscription or by emailing customer support. Don’t forget to do it ahead of the end of your subscription.

Signing Up

You can sign up to Match.com quite easily with your email address. Then you’ll have to fill out a questionnaire about your interests, qualities and characteristics (such as height, body weight, eyes colour etc…) and also the gender of the person you’d like to be matched with. Match also asks you about kids, if you want them / and if you smoke and drink. The questionnaire basically focuses on practical aspects of your life and it’s mandatory to answer so if you don’t feel like disclosing these information on your profile, it might not be the right site for you. Once you’ve completed your profile, you can get started immediately!

Site Safety

Match.com doesn’t verify emails or profiles which can lead to people making fake profiles. Some members complained about other profiles being scams or fake profiles.

Contacting Other Members

Every day, Match.com sends you ‘matches’ or users you might like. Similar to Tinder interface, you swipe them on your screen and decide whether you like them or not. If you like them, you’ll be able to send them messages and they’ll receive a notification telling them you like them. If you click ignore, their profile will disappear from your screen and you’ll be sent to the next match.

Customer Support

Match.com is only available through email support which can be very annoying if you have an urgent matter or a technical problem. You’ll have to fill their online form available here, and they usually respond within 48h.

The Bottom Line

In our opinion, starting the conversation by liking someone isn’t the best if you’re over 25 years old. Match.com dating pool comprises a fair bit of older people (between 30 and 50) and likes are not the best way to start a conversation if you are dating seriously. However, the good thing is that as well as being matched with people, you can browse profiles yourself. It’s good if you don’t like being matched and want to look yourself, however you’ll need time on your hands to go through hundreds of other profiles.

Match.com is great if you’re single and not in a rush to find love or if you’re new in a city; Match.com hosts singles events you can attend. From online coaching, to quizzes, and music events, this is definitely the good and fun part you don’t want to miss.


eharmony Review 2021



  • Instant Messages
  • Relationship Advice
  • Secure Calls
  • Daily Match Service

Help & Support

  • Complete FAQ
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat

eharmony Review 2020



Is eharmony a reliable dating site?

eharmony focuses on long-lasting serious relationships and high quality matches. The dating site spent a lot of time developing a great match-making algorithm so you certainly have good chances to find someone meeting your passions and values here. Each profile is carefully studied and assessed. In addition, eharmony offers numerous features, comprehensive dating and relationship advice, which is great if you’re, like us, a little lost with dating. According to us, eHarmony is a really reliable site. They really commit to finding you the best match and guide you with tips such as what to look for in a potential match.

Memberships & pricing

You can register on eharmony for free. It’s a good way to understand how the website works before signing up for a paid membership. The following features are available for free:

  • View your personality test results
  • Unlimited matches
  • Send and receive Smiles, Icebreakers, & Greetings
  • Respond to a first message

If you want to start contacting other members, you’ll need to sign up for a paid membership. You’ll then be able to enjoy enhanced search features, viewing photos of all your matches, and unlimited communication. eharmony offers three subscription plans, starting from 6 months, as starting a great, new relationship shouldn’t be rushed.

Signing Up

Signing up with eharmony can be a little lengthy, however it is necessary and really worth it as the more information they have about you, the better they will match you. You’ll need to create an account by entering your email and choosing a password.

Then you’ll need to complete the in-depth compatibly quiz which takes about 30 minutes. Again, a large number of questions are needed to ensure high quality matches so be honest and make sure to complete the test thoroughly. The quiz consists of 80 questions with hundreds of possible answers, aiming to identify characteristics about your values, attitudes, habits and interests. The result will be the foundation of how they will connect you with other members who match your 32 Compatibility Dimensions. After you complete the quiz, you can review the analysis under Personality Profile in your dashboard.

Site Safety

eharmony is a really safe dating site. Its mandatory questionnaire prevents users from creating fake accounts. eHarmony also screens users against criminal registries to ensure their members safety.

Contacting Other Members

The site does match you with other users, which is ideal if you are a busy person or can’t be bothered to go through hundreds of profiles. On the other hand, eharmony does not allow you to search profiles yourself and you’ll be limited to interact with the profiles they present to you.

You’ll only be able to receive and send messages to other members as a premium user. As a free user, you can view the profile of the people that are compatible with you and receive new matches on a daily basis which is great to give you an idea of who is on the site.

Customer Support

eHarmony customer support is available 24/7 via an online submission form, as well as on-site live chat.

The Bottom Line

eharmony is a reputable dating site with unique features. Their matchmaking algorithm is qualitative and does work, creating thousands of happy couples every month. It’s the right site for you if you really know what you want, are looking for a serious relationship and are not in a rush to find a partner. The pros: the site is probably safer than other sites, and if you pay more you have the option to call your matches without disclosing your number. The cons are that your need to pay extra for all these fancy options, and the minimum commitment for a membership is 6 months.


10 Game Changing Tips For First Date Success

10 Game Changing Tips For First Date Success

You’ve browsed the online dating sites, picked a few people you’d like to chat to and you’ve done the wooing/been wooed. Now it’s time for the first date! First dates are nerve wracking, even deciding on a time and venue is stressful to get right. Then there’s all the fears and worries over what to wear, wondering if you’ll like them, if they’ll like you and if conversation will flow.

But there are things you can do to make your first date go swimmingly. Follow our tips and who knows where things might take you!

1. Choose the Location Wisely

Location is everything on a first date. Always suggest a public place, such as a bar or restaurant and never meet anyone for the first time at their house or somewhere too out of the way. A picnic by a deserted lake might sound romantic, but it could be a bit too romantic for meeting someone you’ve never met before.

Pick somewhere quiet enough that you’re able to hear each other and get a good feel for them, but with enough atmosphere to not feel exposed and awkward. A quiet corner of a busy bar is good, or a popular restaurant. The cinema isn’t the best place to get to know someone as you can’t talk, and something active, such as rock climbing, might not go down too well unless you know they’d love it.

2. Keep Things Casual

Instead of pinning all your hopes on one date, avoid putting too much pressure on the situation. By all means pull out all the stops if you have the cash and you’re sure you’re going to get on. But a first date doesn’t have to be a lavish affair. It’s an opportunity to spend time talking to someone and seeing how you align, it’s not a time for extravagant gestures and

Try too hard and your date will spot it; going into it with an open mind is far better. Getting a date with someone you like the look or sound of is a confidence boost, so in the words of Del Boy, play it cool!

3. Consider Mobile Phone Etiquette

Leaving your phone on the table during dinner is a big no-no. It’s distracting for both of you and let’s be honest, it’s quite offensive – you’re giving the impression that something more important or exciting might happen.

But it’s important to also let friends know where you are and how you’re getting on. So keep your phone on silent, in your pocket or bag, and send that update text from the bathroom.

4. Be Yourself!

Be Yourself

There’s nothing more false than simply not being yourself, and if you start off as someone you’re not, it’ll be a hard act to keep up if you end up on a second date and beyond. Being yourself allows conversation to flow more easily and authentically, meaning that everything will just feel more natural.

So don’t let nerves get the better of you and turn you into someone desperate to impress. Be true to yourself and enjoy it, you’re on a first date, how awesome are you?!

5. Be Prepared with Things to Talk About

A great way to avoid awkward silences is to have a few things up your sleeve to talk about that you’re passionate about. Good ideas are projects that you’re embarking on, demonstrating your ability to look to the future. These can be fitness goals, a craft project, a career change or a dream travel destination. You’ll be able to talk freely about a topic you know lots about, and open up your plans for discussion with your date to explore their views and aspirations at the same time.

6. Pick Your Outfit Wisely

What you wear can say a lot about you. There is a large element of being yourself, like we discussed above, but this needs to be weighed up against your ‘standard’ attire. As much as we champion being authentic, turning up to a first date wearing a scruffy T shirt, ill-fitting jeans and dirty trainers isn’t going to do you many favours. So dress smart, appear groomed and make sure your clothes are clean and ironed.

That said, overdoing things can give a bad impression, especially if heels or tight fitting clothing is way out of your comfort zone.

In a nutshell, do you, neatly. And dress appropriately for the venue!

7. Keep To Your Personal Boundaries

There is no right or wrong on how far you take things on a first date – but there are when it comes to your personal boundaries. Make your decisions before you go, and if you think drinking alcohol might make you take things further than you plan, then go easy on the wine.

It’s so important to protect your sense of self, and if you feel at all uncomfortable, make your excuses and leave.

8. Offer To Pay Your Way

Whether you’re male or female and you’re dating a male or a female, the rules on first date etiquette are shifting, and who pays what can be a bit of a minefield. Traditionally, when a male and a female had a first date, it was generally assumed that the guy would pay. In today’s world that isn’t necessarily the case.

Assumptions generally always lead to misunderstandings and offence could be taken by your date if you assume they’ll pay or you go ahead and pay without asking your date how they like to do things.

When it’s time to get the bill, or you’re queuing at the bar, casually say, “Shall we go halves?” That way hopefully you’ll avoid awkwardness. There’s still awkwardness to be had, especially if you don’t want to split the bill, but what’s a first date without a little bit of shifting uncomfortably?!

9. Plan The Second Date, But Only If You Get Along

Second date

If you get the sense that things are going well, and that your date agrees, then broach the subject of a second date, at the end of the first date. That way, your date is clear on your feelings; you like them and you’d like to know more. This boosts confidence and removes any feelings of “do they or don’t they like me?”. Perhaps mention an activity you like and ask if they’d like to join you in a few days’ time.

10. Let Go If It Doesn’t Work Out

A first date is exactly that, a first date. No matter what your dreams for your own future, the person you’re meeting for the first time isn’t necessarily in it, yet. Putting pressure on a first date to be Mr or Mrs Perfect could set you up for a fall. If things don’t go as planned, and the spark wasn’t quite there for either or both of you, it’s disappointing. But it isn’t the end of the world. It’s not a reflection on you, it’s simply that there wasn’t quite enough between you to make it to a second date.

As they say, there’s plenty more fish in the sea. We just all need to fish in the right sea, at the right time, for the right fish. Getting out there and having first dates will most definitely narrow the search. Good luck!

Elite Singles Review 2021


  • Instant Messages
  • Email Notifications
  • Very Active Members
  • Daily Match Service

Help & Support

  • Complete FAQ
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support

Elite Singles Review 2020


Is Elite Singles a reliable dating site?

EliteSingles is focused on serious dating. If you are looking for a long-term relationship there is no better place to try. Their dating pool is made of young professionals who have successful careers and want a partner who’s on the same level. Over 80% of its members hold a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree, and over 90% are over the age of 30. We highly recommend Elite Singles if you’re interested in a long term relationship with someone educated and career focused.

Memberships & pricing

You can register on EliteSingles for free. It’s a good way to understand how the website works before signing up for a paid membership. The following features are available for free:

  • View your personality test results
  • Receive partner suggestions
  • Send smiles and likes
  • Upload photos.

If you want to start contacting other members, you’ll need to sign up for a paid membership. You’ll then be able to send and receive an unlimited number of messages, leave comments on profiles and photos, receive up to 20 extra matches per day and your profile will be suggested to other Premium members more frequently. EliteSingles offers three subscription plans:

Signing Up

Signing up with EliteSingles is easy – you’ll need to register with your email address and upload a photo. The registration process is very easy to understand, however you’ll need to take the personality test to start as your profile will be activated upon completion of the test.

The personality test was created in close cooperation with psychologists and relationship experts. It’s based on the Five Factor Model theory of personality traits, established on the psychological model developed by McCrae and Costa (1992). The questions ask about your traits, character, personality, outlook, and habits. It takes approximately 25 minutes to complete, which can be a bit lengthy, however it’s important to do it seriously so the algorithm can match you with the right partner. This in-depth personality test really optimise the matchmaking process and members most compatible with your answers will be matched with you right away. Anyway, what’s 25 minutes when it’s about finding your life partner!

Site Safety

EliteSingles is genuinely a reputable and trustworthy online dating site. Though, a common problem for online dating sites is online scammers making fake profiles on sites which are otherwise reputable. In order to avoid this, EliteSingles manually check each individual profile to guarantee that everyone on the site is serious about the search for love.

The site also allows you to report profiles you may be worry about by email ([email protected]), so they’ll investigate and remove it from the site if necessary.

Moreover, you are free to block and/or delete profiles from within your search. If you block a profile, they will permanently stop showing up in your searches.  Likewise, if you delete an account, they won’t be able to see you and you will never see them either. Both of these actions are reversible, so no drama if you accidentally block someone.

Elite Singles also ‘clean up’ their platform by deleting profiles that are inactive or do not reply to other members which means they have a very active user base.

Contacting Other Members

EliteSingles matchmaking algorithm calculates the percentage of compatibility of every member who signs up on their dating website. This means they will only put members who are a good match for you in your search results.

You’ll be able to see your compatibility score, and if you click through it,  you’ll even be able to take a look at your match personality traits. It can be useful if you are looking for specific traits in a partner.

Moreover, you can filter your match recommendations according to age, height, location, desire to have kids, education, income, drinking habits, and many more.

You’ll only be able to send messages to other members as a premium user, and can receive responses notification by email, browser, or text messages. As a free user, you can show your interest to other members by sending a smile but you won’t be able to see their photos which kind of defeat the purpose. The free membership is really made to get a good feel of the website and see if you’d like to join as a premium member.

Customer Support

Customer Support at EliteSingles aims for a 48 hours response time. You can only contact them by email or phone. It seems that they rely heavily on the FAQ section of their site, which seem pretty complete to us.

The Bottom Line

Elite Singles is a reputable dating site recognised by the Online Dating Association in the UK.  Their matchmaking algorithm is qualitative and does work, creating thousands of happy couples every month. It’s the right site for you if you really know what you want, are looking for a serious relationship and are not in a rush to find a partner. Indeed the site is targeting educated professionals in their 30’s which means you’ll find here less users than on a site less exhaustive like Be2.

An other thing to bear in mind is that EliteSingles works on a scientific matching model where other websites let you run free and search all of their members. But again, depending on your preference, EliteSingles is a great option if you don’t want to spend hours browsing profiles.