12 Online Dating Red Flags to Watch Out For

12 Online Dating Red Flags to Watch Out For

Online datingred flags

Online dating is a wonderful opportunity to meet someone amazing to share your life with. With the development of matchmaking technology and more great singles signing up every year, you’re more likely than ever to meet your soulmate online. However, the world of dating apps and websites leaves you open to people who may not have your best interests at heart. Modern day dating comes with modern day red flags to watch out for!

1. They Like You… Too Much

Of course, it feels amazing when someone is interested in you, especially if you’re interested in them too. However, watch out if they’re too enthusiastic too soon. If you’ve exchanged a few messages and they’re already planning a wedding, perhaps give this person a miss.

2. A Lack Of Description In Their Profile

If their profile is missing out on important information (like their job, education, interests) then they should be avoided. When looking for a committed relationship, keep in mind that somebody searching for the same thing will be transparent, open and honest. Don’t expect someone to tell you their life story right away. But, if they are being too vague, it’s likely they have something to hide.

3. Photos That Look Too Good To Be True

photo red flag

The term ‘catfish’ is used for people who steal photos and pretend to be somebody else online. If somebody’s profile photo is a perfectly airbrushed model shot, this may well be someone using a photo they’ve taken from the web. And okay, maybe the person claims they actually are a model. If they are, they should have some ‘normal’ photos alongside professional model shots.

4. Not Enough Photos

As well as having photos that are too good to be true, watch out if a profile only has one or two photos. This is another indicator of a fake profile. A good profile will have a range of photographs, both of the person alone and with friends. You can use reverse image search to find out if photos have been taken from somewhere on the internet.

5. Generic Opening Lines

Generic, cliché conversation starters could mean that this person is just copy-pasting the same message to you and many others. Avoid replying to generic conversation starters like ‘hey sexy’ or a plain old ‘hi what are you up too?’, and instead, look out for those who have read your profile and have sent you a personalised message.

6. Something Is Off About Their Social Media Profiles

social media red flag

If you’ve been chatting to someone for a while, check out their social media profiles. If their Instagram account has very few followers or all the posts were uploaded recently or at once, the profile is likely to be fake. The same goes if they have very few Facebook friends. Their social media profiles should line up with who they say they are and have activity from friends and family.

7. They Send 15 Texts In A Row When You Don’t Respond Right Away

This is a huge red flag that becoming involved with this person will lead to some serious problems for you. If someone shows signs of being obsessive or controlling early on, it’s only going to get worse. Online dating should be fun, and nobody worthwhile will feel entitled to your attention 24/7, especially in the earliest stages.

8. They Make Every Text Into A Sext

A little flirty, sexy chat can be fun. And of course, want to have that physical attraction to each other. But if they send you a ‘what are you wearing 😉’ when you’re talking about taking your dog to the vet… you might want to give this one a miss if you’re looking for something serious. Unless, of course, you’re only looking for a hook-up.

9. They Flake Out On Plans Last-minute

date stood up

When we’re first getting to know someone, we’re on our best behaviour. Your ideal match will make you a priority. If they can’t commit to your coffee date, don’t expect them to commit to you.

10. They Never Want To Meet In Person

If you’re talking to somebody and they’re avoiding making plans to meet in person after more than a few weeks, waste no more of your time. They could be lying about who they are or just not interested. After all, you’re not online dating to find a pen pal!

11. They Never Want To Meet Anywhere Near Their Place

This suggests that they could be hiding you, or want to hide something from you. The same goes if they’re very vague about what area they live in or what they do for work.

12. They Only Want To Meet At Their Place

date at home

At the other end of the spectrum are people that only want to meet at their place. A cosy night in can be great, but a relationship can’t exist within the four walls of someone’s home. You might have to admit to yourself that they’re only after one thing… Remember, it’s dangerous to go to the home of someone who you haven’t met before. If you’re meeting for the first time, choose somewhere public like a café or bar.

It’s important to keep your wits about you and remember that online, people can hide behind their screens and claim to be anyone. Some of these red flags are glaringly obvious, but some are harder to spot. If you’re planning to meet with someone in person, tell a loved one exactly when and where you’re planning to meet them. And, if you like someone you’re talking to online, show their profile to a friend or family member and ask them what they think.