15 Amazing Winter Date Ideas

15 Amazing Winter Date Ideas

Winter Date Ideas

During winter, all we want to do is hibernate at home. With the nights getting longer and the days getting colder, it’s easy to go for a date night watching Netflix on the sofa.

But with a little creativity, winter can be one of the most romantic and exciting times of the year. Whether it’s a first date or time spent with your long-term partner, make it extra romantic this winter with one of our 15 Amazing Winter Date Ideas.

1. Go To A Book Shop

Book shops, especially independent ones, are cosy little hideaways on a cold day. Wander through the isles with your date, flicking through travel guides, photography books, or the children’s books you remember from your childhoods. To make it extra special, set yourselves the challenge of buying a book for each other to read later on.

2. Play A Game

A fun idea for a date night at home is to play a game together. It could be a board game, card game, or something designed specifically for couples. Whatever you choose, you are sure to have hours of fun. To spice things up, make it a little more competitive by promising a prize to the winner!

3. Go To See A Live Performance

Winter is a great time for indoor live performances, and there’s something for everyone. There’s something so exciting about a live performance. It could be a Christmas Pantomime, Ballet show, or stand-up comedy at a comedy club.

4. A winter walk followed by mulled wine (or cider!) at the pub

Winter Walk

Wrap up warm for a walk in nature. A quick google search will show you what beautiful walks are in your area. A long walk is the perfect setting for a long conversation, with scenery that will add the romance. If you are in the city, no worries, a park will do just fine. Then, when your fingers are chilly and your legs are tired, warm up with a warm alcoholic drink at a pub. (Bonus points if there’s an open fire!)

5. Make A Scrapbook Together

This one is for the committed couples out there. Spending a night making a scrapbook with your partner is certain to make you fall in love all over again. Get yourselves an empty scrapbook, some glue, print some out all your photographs, and reminisce over a glass of wine. Not only will this be a wonderful date, but you’ll also create something to treasure for years to come.

6. Head to a Christmas market

There’s nothing more festive than a traditional Christmas market. With a range of gift shops, food stalls, and hot drinks to take away, you’ll have a blast winding through them hand in hand with your date. Meanwhile, the glow of Christmas lights will have you feeling like you’re a character in a romance movie.

7. Go ice-skating

Ice Skating Date

If you’re a seasoned pro or like Bambi on ice, ice-skating is always a fun date. This active date idea will make for picture-perfect winter memories with your partner. Plus, flailing about on the ice will give you the perfect excuse to hold on tight to each other!

8. Paint Together

You don’t have to be an excellent artist for this. Get a couple of canvases and some paints and have an arty date! There are free painting tutorials online that you can follow, or have a laugh by painting each other! If you’re a good artist, you’ll end up with pieces to hang up side by side at home. And if you’re bad, you’ll certainly have a giggle!

9. Go to the cinema

It’s a cliche, but it’s a classic! The cinema is cosy and warm on a cold winter night. Make it festive on the run-up to Christmas by going to see a Christmas movie. Make your date feel extra special by surprising them with a selection of their favourite cinema snacks.

10. DIY Couples Photoshoot

Couple Photoshoot

Pick out your favourite outfits and spend the date doing a couples photoshoot. You could make a little set up at home, or find a picturesque outdoor location. Use the timer on your camera or phone, or take videos that you can take shots from afterward.

11. Plan a Staycation Getaway

You don’t need hot weather to take a vacation. On Airbnb, you can find amazing stays around your location – from cottages to beaches, shepherds huts, and treehouses. Or, check out sites like wowcher that offer hotel stays for drastically discounted prices. A night or two away is guaranteed to be magical, even if you’re less than an hour from home!

12. Cook Something New

Create a restaurant at home by cooking something together. Finding a recipe, gathering all the ingredients, and cooking together is an adorable way to spend some quality time. You could put in some extra effort by setting up some candles on the dining table – or, make it extra cute by dressing up for the occasion!

13. Take a class together

Couple Class date

Doing something brand new to both of you is a guaranteed way to bond with your date. You could learn anything from cooking to dance. If we’re in a long term relationship, dates can get a bit repetitive. Learning something new will spice things and have you feeling as if you just met.

14. A museum or gallery

If you live in a city, you’re likely to have a few museums or galleries at your doorstep. This is a great idea for a first or second date because the exhibits are sure to spark conversation between you.

15. Go Out For Breakfast

When we think ‘date’, we think ‘dinner’. Mix things up with a breakfast date. In almost every town or city, there’s cafes offering delicious breakfasts, from cooked English breakfasts to pancake stacks. Breakfast dates are great for those who like to keep it casual because they don’t require dressing up in a glamourous outfit.